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About this product:  PABLO & CO Poop Bag




As we do Markets every Weekend we try and Update our Website accordingly. We will notify you ASAP if there any disprenacies.


No more messin' about! Say goodbye to tying those ugly poop bags to the leash. We officially have matching poop bag holders. Our pouches have a clasp to clip to your leash or bag or anything! 


~ Part of the Pablo & Co collection including collar, lead, adjustable harness and poop bag holder.


*Hang our poop bag holders from the D ring on your leash. Please do not tug on the poop bag holder when walking your dog. This could cause it to break*


Poop Bag Details


 * 8cm x 5cm x 4cm 

 * perfectly fits one roll of standard poop bags (one bag included) 

 * heavyweight neoprene material (easy to clean) 

 * small zipper 

 * rubber Pablo & Co. bag dispenser 

 * Will also fit a key, loose coins or treats!

Pablo & Co: LIME CHECK: Poop Bag

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