Unsure which Kangaroo Treats  to try for your Fur Baby, why not try these 3 different Varieties of our Kangaroo Treats we have too Offer.



What you will Receive:

200g x Roo Mini Sticks

200g x Roo Nibbles

200g x Roo Jerky Straps


Kangaroo Mini Sticks 

Kangaroo Mini Sticks are excellent reward and training tool cut into average 5cm lengths these are easy to break.


Kangaroo Sticks is are a healthy single protein treat and are grain free.


These Australian treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.


Ingredients: 100% Kangaroo

Analysis: Protein 50% – Fat 3% – Fibre 0.1% – Salt 2%


Size: 5cm Lengths


Kangaroo Nibbles 

Roo Nibbles are manufactured into reward size treats and are an excellent reward and training tool.


This treat has been the preferred choice of dog trainers for over 10 years. Roo Nibbles are 100 % digestible, they contains natural flavours your best friend will crave .


Roo Nibbles are a healthy single protein treat.


These Australian treats contain absolutely  NO additives, chemicals or preservatives .


Ingredients : 100% Australian Kangaroo

Analysis : Protein 50% Fat 3% Fibre 0.1% Salt 2%


Roo Jerky Straps

Roo Jerky Straps Dog Treat are a delicious treat for your little buddy. Made from real kangaroo meat plus a few other select ingredients, the treat has minimal processing and no added flavours or preservatives, making it rich in nutritional value.


These Roo Jerky Straps Dog Treats are high in protein and low in fat plus have a chewy texture which is great for maintaining your dogs health.



All Natural / High Protein / Great Tasting / No Added Flavours / Low Salt / Made with real Kangaroo meat / Can be broken into smaller treats for training.

Size: 14 x 3cm

Lip Smacking - Kangaroo Variety Pack #5