Unsure which Beef Treats & Pork to try for your Fur Baby, why not try these 5 different Varieties of our Beef Treats & Pork we have too Offer.



What you will Receive:

2x Small Pork Bone

4x Beef Ears

200g x Beef Liver

200g x Beef Trachea Small Cut

200g x Beef Cubes


Pork Bone Small Wrapped

Pork Bones are like natures toothbrush for pets great for biting, chewing helps remove tartar from teeth for better dental health.


A natural source of  protein and natural fats which are essential to keep your best friend strong and healthy.


These Australian Treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.


Ingredients : 100% Australian Pork

Analysis : Protein 25%  Fat 30% Fibre 5% Salt 1.5%


These Pet products are from ex human consumption meaning the best quality for your best friend.


Size: 17-20cm


Beef Ears 

Beef Ears are low in fat, high in protein and they are an excellent source of iron and zinc.


Beef Ears contain natural flavours your best friend will crave, and even help to clean teeth and gums as your pet chew. If you want a treat what lasts a long time this is your one!


These Australian treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.


Ingredients: 100% Australian Beef

Analysis: Protein 64% Fat 3% Fibre 1% Salt 2%


Beef Liver 

Beef Liver is an excellent reward and training tool.


This all natural treat has been the preferred choice for trainers for over 10 years due to its convenience and palatability.


These treats contain only one ingredient and are perfect for dogs with allergies or those who are on  limited ingredient diets.


These Australian treats contain absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.


Ingredients: 100% Australian Farmed Beef

Analysis: Protein 60.7% – Fat 10% – Fibre 0.2% – Salt 0.4%


Moo Choo "Beef Trachea" Small Cut

Beef Trachea are a natural hollow dog chew. Trachea is naturally high in both chondroitin and glucosamine. These naturally occurring agents have both been proven as effective in promoting healthy joints in dogs. Great for all sized dogs and 100% digestible.


Ingredients: 100% Australian Beef

Analysis: Protein 63 % – Fat 28% – Fibre 2% – Salt 1%


Beef Cubes 

Beef Cubes are a great reward style of dog treat.


Beef Cubes are very light, low fat and high in protein  these are a great tasting treat, even the fussiest of dogs will love them.


Great for use as a quick crunchy snack for all sized dogs .


Ingredients: 100% Australian Beef Lung.

Nutrition: Protein 68% – Fat 6% – Fibre 2% – Salt 1%.

Lip Smacking - Beef Variety Pack #3