These super tasty little morsels are the perfect addition to your dogs diet because...

Full of Omega 3's, chondroitin and glucosamine.
Smell amazing to your dog and cat! 
Made using an exclusive process that locks in the nutrients and doesn't damage the integrity of the treat that other harsh drying methods do.


Helps arthritic in dogs or any dogs suffering any inflammatory disease.
Helps in maintaining a shiny coat and healthy skin.


Approximately 25 mussels per 50g / 50 mussels per 100g.


Feeding Guide

Dogs: This is a guideline only, for the first two weeks we suggest feed approximately 2 to 3 mussels per day, dogs over 40kg we suggest feed approximately 3 to 5 mussels per day to get the benefits of the mussles into their system. 

Maintenance: feed every second day, small dogs one mussel, medium dogs 2 mussels and large dogs 2- 4.

You will be the best judge whether to increase or decrease.

Cats: Love our mussels as well depending on the weight/size of your cat if you cat likes to crunch 1 to 3 mussels a day to start. 

Maintenance feed every 2nd day, once again you will be the best judge on whether to increase or decrease. 


Produced in NEW ZEALAND

Green Lipped Mussels: Cat / Dog Treats