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Bone Marrow Chews - Healthy Chews For Dogs: SMALL


Make treat time even healthier with our 100% Australian Made Bone Marrow chews. They're a long lasting chew that helps clean your dog's teeth and has brilliant benefits for your dogs health.


Why give Bone Marrow to your dogs?

- Boosts the immune system - makes your dog healthier

- Supports Joint function and decreases joint inflammation

- Builds stem cells - helps repair the body

Marrow Chews come in 4 fantastic flavours and 2 sizes.


How they're made:

These healthy Bone Marrow Chews are made in a proprietary process which takes over 6 weeks.

It involves both heating and cooling of the marrow, separating and removing almost all of the fat and leaving the incredibly healthy marrow which is set, without chemicals or fillers.



100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow + .5-3% of the ingredient(s) listed in the name.


Two sizes approxiametely,

Small  10cm x 2.5cm 

Large 16cm x 3.5cm


Product Source:

Beef Marrows - manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow.

Bone Marrow Chews - Healthy Chews For Dogs: SMALL

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