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FROZEN Pilchards


40PK FROZEN Pilchards


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Pilchards are great for pets with skin or joint issues and for adding variety to your pet's diet.

Average Size is 15cm x 3cm


We suggest feeding fish 2 - 3 times per week as part of a balanced raw diet (including mixes, organs and raw meaty bones).


Fish is very high in protein and low in fat. Fish are an excellent source of high-quality proteins with sufficient amount of all the essential amino acids. Fats in fish are less saturated and the most prominent fats in fish are omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is also one of the few natural food sources of vitamin D. Vitamins include A, B2, B3 & B5 and D.


NOTE: Our fish are whole pilchards which is a great whole food, meaning your pets gets the eyes and the stomach contents and this is a great power food for them. Feed when your pets are malting to help maintain great skin health.


Vitamin D:
By balancing the body’s levels of calcium and phosphate, this vitamin helps the formation of healthy bones and teeth. A deficiency of Vitamin D can cause rickets.


Average Size is 15cm x 3cm

40PK (FROZEN) Pilchards

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