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Charcoal in dog biscuits reduces farts, gas and bloating and also help freshen breath.


Australian owned and manufactured, these biscuits meet the highest standard our pet dogs deserve.


These biscuits are chock full of healthy ingredients with a distinct, yummy flavour, making them a great alternative to other treats. 


These Bikkies are big on flavour, making them the perfect between-meal snack with a crunch that helps clean teeth and gums.



  • Australian owned and made
  • Oven Baked Biscuits are crunchy and great for teeth and gums
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 and essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Wholegrain Wheat and low in salt
  • Great Tasting
  • Soak in broth or water for an alternative soft meal.


Analysis: Protein 12%, fat 3%, fibre 10%, moisture 10%, sodium 0.8%


Ingredients: Wheat flour, cane sugar, canola oil, natural flavours, golden syrup, bicarbonate soda, parsley, sea salt, milk powder, calcium.


300g: Australian Charcoal Bickies: DOG SHORTBREAD BISCUITS

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