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Rabbit & Guinea Pig: Pellets



This Item is HOME DELIVERY or PICK UP Only.


HOME DELIVERY is only within 10km of HAMLYN TERRACE (Central Coast).


PICK UP is HAMLYN TERRACE (Central Coast).


Please Contact us for more information regarding PICK UP and DELIVEERY before ORDERING.

Product Description

A high quality rabbit and guinea pig food. A well balanced diet, high in lucerne for good nutrition and high palatability. It has been forumulated to suit all breeds of domestic rabbits and guinea pigs. Lactating animals may require additional protein to assist with milk production with the inclusion of high quality hay and greens.

  • High-Quality Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources.
  • Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and pet health.
  • High Fibre - To help assist healthy gut function.
  • Pellet - easier acceptance and intake by pets, less wastage..


Rabbit & Guinea Pig: Pellets

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